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About Us

EFCT Fitness was founded by Michael Duralde, a veteran of the fitness industry, after he realized that it was hard to find one gym or studio that encompassed all the best aspects of fitness.

EFCT Fitness offers strength, mobility, cardio endurance, and recovery all in one place, with the goal of helping each client reach their individual fitness goals. Our group classes put an emphasis on building community and fostering a sense of family. EFCT Fitness strives to be a one-stop shop for fitness with a supportive and energizing atmosphere.

Mission: To build an EFCT Nation where like minded individuals come together with a common goal to be happier and healthier.

Vision: We will create fitness routines that are made for everyone! Even though we will be working out as a group, the routines at EFCT Fitness are specifically crafted for you to reach your individual goals.

Values: Inspiration, Integrity, Energy, Community, Togetherness

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Michael Duralde

Studio Manager

Michael Duralde is a certified personal trainer with a passion for fitness. He grew up in Placentia, CA and developed an early appreciation for movement during his time in local sports leagues. Michael found a sense of community in team sports that transformed fitness from a hobby to a lifestyle. This experience inspired Michael to create a space where people could come together to work towards their goals with the support of a team.

Michael’s certifications include cycle, yoga sculpt, TRX and Kettle Bell, weight management, youth fitness, Lagree, versa climber, group X, and even Silver Sneakers. His focus is on helping people move towards their goals, getting a little bit better every day.

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Bri Atwell

Studio Manager

Bri became a certified Nutritional Health Coach to support her community in 2018. Working in combination with fitness for the last five years has been an incredible experience for her and she’s excited to continue with EFCT community!

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Andrew Irwin

Studio Manager

Andrew has a diverse background in fitness, including playing sports, pursuing a professional dance career, and working as a head coach for Orangetheory Fitness. He believes that anything can be accomplished by working hard, creating new connections, and cultivating a supportive atmosphere. Andrew also teaches weekly dance classes at Millennium Dance Complex Orange County and is an ambassador for lululemon Brea.

Our Classes

The Strength EFCT

Lower Body

The Strength EFCT – Lower Body is a 45 minute strength training class with low to medium impact cardio intervals. This class is designed to promote lean muscle hypertrophy while knocking out body fat. We will focus on glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Great fort all levels of fitness.

The Strength EFCT

Upper Body

The Strength EFCT – Upper Body is a 45 minute strength training class with low to medium impact cardio intervals. This class is designed to promote lean muscle hypertrophy while knocking out body fat. We will focus on back, chest, shoulders, and arms. Great for all levels of fitness.


The METCON EFCT is a metabolic conditioning class. A full-body workout that focuses on training cardiovascular health while building muscular endurance. We will use low impact cardio paired with compound strength lifts to challenge your inner athlete. This class is great for all levels of fitness!

The Core EFCT

The Core EFCT is a 45 minute interval class. We will challenge your core, stamina, and stability. This class is the best way to tone your core. Great for all levels of fitness!

The Recovery EFCT

The Recovery EFCT is a 45 minute stretch, mobility class. We will use a guided stretching and myofascial release techniques to help ensure your recovery. Great for all fitness levels.

Class Schedule

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Contact Us

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1434 N Kraemer Blv.
Placentia, Ca 92870


(657) 600-6735


Mon-Th 5:15am – 7:30pm
Fri 5:15am – 1PM
Sat 7AM-12PM
Sun Closed

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